The 2021 California Boater Kit Feedback Report

The California Boating Clean and Green Program (BCGP) is a statewide program whose main objectives are to educate boaters about clean and safe boating practices and to provide technical assistance to marinas and local governments to increase the availability of environmental services for boaters. The program is jointly implemented by the California State Parks and the California Coastal Commission. The program was established in 1997 and it has four components: 1) Research, 2) networking, 3) technical assistance, and 4) education and outreach. The program uses a multifaceted outreach approach to fulfill its objectives.

In 2021, BCGP and The Bay Foundation created and distributed a Boater Kit Feedback Survey to gain insight on Boater Kit use and preferences of resources within the Kit. The survey findings in this report will assist in improving the Boater Kit and its content in the future and reduce or eliminate unnecessary educational materials.