The Shore & Beach Magazine Edition Pt. 2: Karina Johnston and Melodie Grubbs | Shorewords!

In this episode of Shorewords!, the Shore & Beach edition, Karina Johnston and Melodie Grubbs talk about their paper on regional nature-based adaptation to improve coastal resiliency. These two authors, along with Phyllis Grifman trace this concept of regional nature-based resiliency from planning to adaptation, and their paper appears in the Summer 2020 issue of Shore & Beach.

Both Melodie and Karina have experience with the Santa Monica Bay and the vegetated dunes that they have helped to plan, construct and monitor. The cover image from Shore & Beach provides a photo of this dune with the backdrop of the urban Malibu, CA community; highlighting the urban setting of this adaptation effort. They talk about lessons learned from the project and future plans for the Santa Monica area.

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