Clean Boating

With four million boaters, California has one of the highest levels of recreational boating in the United States. This large volume of recreational activity in our waterways can come at a cost. Boat-based pollutants such as sewage, used oil, household hazardous waste, marine debris, aquatic invasive species, and emerging contaminants impair our waterways.

TBF’s Boater Education Program was initiated in 1996 with a Clean Vessel Act Education and Outreach grant and continues to engage Southern California coastal boating communities on proper sewage disposal, clean boating, Marine Protected Areas, and more to date. This program is dedicated to reducing boat-based ocean pollution and fostering stewardship by utilizing collaboration, direct outreach, and technical assistance.

There are many free resources available to support our boating friends in their personal efforts to keep our waters clean and full of life. Check out the resources below!