ReThink Disposable

Over 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year globally and less than 9% is recycled. By 2050 plastic is expected to outweigh all fish in the oceans. Much of this marine debris results from disposable plastic products, specifically single-use disposable food and beverage packaging, that have a short life span and are quickly thrown “away.” Plastic pollution implications are vast and harmful spanning its extraction through disposal. The most effective measure that reverses this and ultimately prevents ocean-bound plastic is to reduce it at the source and to stop using single-use disposable plastics.

The Bay Foundation (TBF) partners with ReThink Disposable, a technical assistance program of Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund, to prevent excess waste before it starts. In doing so, restaurants and other food operators cut costs and improve the dining experience for patrons. View the resources below for the results of TBF’s initial implementation in 2018!

TBF is also a proud member of Reusable LA, a coalition of partners working to resolve LA’s plastic pollution issue by championing a reusable culture and empowering other cities to do the same.  

Check out the resources below to learn more and get involved!